The "job" of preaching involves so much more than preaching and teaching God's word every week. Most of these functions are necessary and serve a purpose in the body. Nevertheless, preachers must constantly protect time to prepare their preaching and teaching.

It's easy to find instruction and ideas related to sermon preparation and writing; there's plenty to be said about sermon planning. But Jeff & Dale design BETTER so that preachers give thought and attention to the very act of preaching. Studying the delivery of sermons oft gets neglected, but the delivery determines how widely and how effectively the message is received.

Jeff & Dale meet this function by bringing in the best preachers in the church to talk about what THEY do best.

You'll soak up every minute at the feet of these humble messengers; you'll laugh; you'll try to win a gadget; ultimately you'll grow and challenge yourself, and you'll be BETTER this Sunday because of it.

-- Joey Sparks

Thank you so much you are so encouraging to me with your thoughts and posts. I can't explain to you how much better my preaching is because of BETTER. I have changed my whole style of preaching and preparing for over six months since better. I use a challenge every week, I write my sermons for memorization and most weeks memorize them (I don't have a great memory, either) I have made sure to add the time to put an introduction, conclusion, and invitation in each sermon. I noticed it takes much more time, but now every week by Saturday I can know if I obeyed God's word ie. the challenge and talk to my wife at least weekly about how I did or didn't if she did or didn't, so now we are accountability to the sermon and the Word. I have told many preachers and Christians how much better my preaching is and how BETTER helped. I now can remember previous sermons, and challenges from weeks and months ago. My whole style changed because of BETTER, Thank you. I've wanted to write and tell you this a million times, I know I've told everyone else. THANK YOU I'll keep praying for you.

-- Zane Copeland

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