Best Western Plus - Lake Dallas

305 Swisher Rd

Lake Dallas, TX 75065
(940) 497-1007

Just off I-35 about 7 miles from the Lewisville church building

Rate: Any room $71.99

Cut off date: September 28th

Ask for: Lewisville Church of Christ rate

BETTER: Texas 2015

October 5 - 6  |  Lewisville, TX

You Can Be Better - Jeff and Dale Jenkins

Building An Acts 2 church - Gary Bradley

Using Humor in Preaching - Wayne Roberts

 How to Evaluate your Sermon Post Delivery - Paul Shero

Deleting: The Most Important Part of a Sermon - Denny Petrillo

Planned preaching - Jeff Jenkins

Presence in the Pulpit - David Shannon

Why the Church Needs you Now: In Ministry for the Long Haul - Jay Lockhart

Bad Habits Preachers Have in the Pulpit and How to Fix Them - Jeff & Dale Jenkins

Emotional Intelligence: It's OK to cry - Ralph Gilmore

Panel - Jay Lockhart, Gary Bradley, Denny Petrillo

Interview with Jay Lockhart

After Dinner with Paul Shero